Customers requiring / seeking web development: Can choose Content Management Systems (CMS), Wordpress, Joomla or standard Html / Html5. CMS systems are  web authoring tools with an administrators backend to edit exsiting and/or create new web page content while maintaining already defined web page themes fonts and colors across the web site. CMS  affords the end user a wealth of advantges over normal html web development. 

Wordpress / Joomla Web Sites

cms technology

Document Management

Easily handle multilingual content

Upload and maintain image repository

Easily Edit Article Content

Easily integrate and manage Blogs

SEO features built-in

CMS websites compared to normal Html sites is a case by case decision. If the requirement involves numerios pages of content or frequent changes and there are staff limitations, then CMS would be most the appropiate choice because the end user can maintain content without a web designer. Normally, CMS would be less expensive then Asp Net.

Asp .Net, or  Html Web Development

html 5WebsitesA static website is designed, created and deployed to a web hosting service. The coding language is normally HTML/HTML5 or XHTML. Nowadays we see a lot of canned models being deployed offering minimal monthly fees and 2 – 3 pages per site a color picker, limited image selector, simple header banner no backend database and small web storage space. Typically, once the static website is online, complex changes if allowed by hosting service might require a website designer, simple content changes normally can be accomplished with a very simplistic WSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor provided by hosting service. Again, this has to be a case by case decision to determine what is best for the client.